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Acupressure/Reflexolgy Course

Acupressure/Reflexolgy Course

This is the most ancient and simplest system of curing various diseases caused mainly due to the imbalance of Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) forces in the body. The treatment is done by applying finger pressure at the acupoints through which the Yin-Yang forces are balanced . Acupressure is an ancient self-health technique that has been widely used throughout the orient for thousands of years and which has become popular all over the world the world for the last many years. The root of Acupressure is in the spirit ... 'the human spirit is endowed from heaven. The physical energy is endowed from the earth.

The means whereby man is created, the means whereby disease occurs, the means whereby man is cured, the means whereby disease arises, the body reflex centres are the basis of all theory and treatment.The five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal, water, encompass all the phenomena of nature. It is a symbolism that applies itself equally to man.

There are 7200 nerve endings in each foot. Perhaps this fact, explains why we feel so much better when our feet are treated. Nerve endings in the feet have extensive interconnections with the spinal cord and brain and hence with all areas of the body. Surely the feet are a gold mine of opportunity to release tension and enhance health. Everyone who wants to understand the reflexes of the body should learn reflexology.

With this training, a person may easily move on and learn other forms of reflex work. The system of reflexology is safe, and extremely effective in many cases where other therapies have failed to bring results. Doing this course you will enhance your quest for a healthy life. We will dispel the mystery of this ancient science and art, explaining in clear and easy terms its origins, theory and practice.

Acupressure is nature’s health science built in our body. In acupressure therapy you have to apply pressure on certain points located on palms and soles. The pressure given on points stimulates all the organs of the body to prevent disease and to maintain good health. This therapy also enables us to diagnose and cure the disease permanently.

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