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About Us

Over 10 years of experience in providing Physical therapy and acupuncture services to the surrounding communities.

At our clinics, no referral is required and walk – ins are welcome.

We treat patients with high commitment to quality and personal attention to each patient. Our services are highly professional, providing us with the leading edge & at the same time enabling us to deliver specialized care to our clients in a sophisticated ambience in our departments. The therapists treating you, are result oriented, driven by achievement & possess excellent interpersonal & team working skills.

The physical therapists and acupuncturist at all of our clinics are experienced in recognizing and diagnosing any problems related to body dysfunction. Involving the use of biomechanical analysis and physical modalities, physical therapy helps restore normal function. At all of the clinics, an in – depth analysis is done to ensure they recognize and understand your medical and physical problem, and together with you, formulate a treatment program to help ease your discomfort. The latest equipment is used along with manual techniques, to relieve you of your pain.

If you have any problems related to pain and weakness which is affecting your neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, feet, arms, or for any discomfort due to faulty posture, contact any of our three clinics, they offer complete rehabilitation for all dysfunctions due to Post – Surgical problems, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Work related injuries, and Sports injuries. Back care education, stress management, functional capacity evaluations and work conditioning programs are also offered at all three clinics, as well as, treatment for headaches and Temporamandibular Joint (TMJ) problems.

Ayurveda neuro therapy, acupressure, agnikarma, moxibustion, cupping and acupuncture services are available to restore normal function.

We have successfully treated many so called incurable disease such as paralysis ,ankylosing spondylitis etc

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